Lean Thinking Resources


Lean Learning Centres


Lean Enterprise Research Centre, Cardiff Business School - http://www.leanenterprise.org.uk

Lean Enterprise Institute - http://www.lean.org/

The University of Tennessee - http://thecenter.utk.edu/

ECR Academics -  http://www.ecr-academics.org/

University of Kentucky -  http://www.mfg.uky.edu/lean/


Professional Associations


Association for Manufacturing Excellence -  http://www.ame.org/

Society of Manufacturing Engineers - http://www.sme.org/

The Shingo Prize - http://www.shingoprize.org/


Books & Games


Amazon -  http://www.amazon.co.uk

Picsie Books - http://www.picsie.co.uk/

Productivity Press - http://ww.productivitypress.com


Systems Thinking


Vanguard - http://www.systemsthinking.co.uk/home.asp

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