Candidate FAQ's

Why do I have to fill in a Lean People Profile? Can't I just put my CV up on the site?
The Lean People Profile has been designed to extract more specific information about your lean experience and to make the search process easier for employers. Key information from the Profile is used in the Profile Summary, the search summary that employers use to extract more information about you.

Can I add a wav or video file to my portfolio?
Yes, you can upload a mini video or audio interview of yourself of up to 2 minutes. This might include detailing what sort of role you are looking for and at what level, and what your background is.

Why doesn't Lean People allow recruitment agencies to view CVs?
One of the primary concepts behind Lean People is to enable lean thinking employers to link to potential candidates more easily. This suits most recruitment situations, where the employer is happy to do the interviewing in-house. For more specialist solutions and bespoke searches, Lean People has a headhunter division called Lean People Executive Search. For more information on this service, please email


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